The Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, Mr Jone Usamate today confirmed that as decided by government last year, daylight saving will come to an end on Sunday 20th?January, 2013 before Term 1 of School begins on Monday 21st?January.

Members of the public are advised to turn their time one hour back from 3.00am to 2.00am on Sunday 20th?of January, 2013.

?While there have been mixed reactions to the re-introduction of the daylight saving, one of the factors considered was the period of sunlight which can be productively used by the people of our beloved nation,? Mr Usamate said.

He said businesses have also capitalized on this by operating for longer hours while the public benefited from more outdoor activities, leisure and sports.

?This year daylight saving also assisted us Fijians in rebuilding after the devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Evan,? Mr Usamate added.

Daylight Saving began on the 21st?of October, 2012.