Fiji FA responds to Labasa soccer claims


The Fiji FA?has been informed and threatened by Mr. Nilesh Lal of Labasa Football?Association that he will be releasing some audio recordings, which may include?our President, CEO?and other officials.

Such?audio recordings were made without the permission of the Fiji FA or the?officials that may be involved.

The?recordings were made unlawfully and without notice to the party speaking.

In?addition Mr. Lal has made baseless allegations of corruption and bullying?tactics against the duly elected officials of FFA.

Please?take note that we have instructed our lawyers to commence legal proceedings?against Mr. Nilesh Lal. Such recordings or statements ought not to be published?by the media?as it may assist and promote the unlawful acts of Mr. Nilesh Lal.?In that event we may join the responsible media outlet in the proceedings.

B S Kumar

Chief Executive Officer