The recent increase in trade and commerce between?Fiji?and the?Solomon?Islands has seen the establishment of a?Fiji??Solomon?Islands Business Council.

This was confirmed by?Fiji?s non ? resident High Commissioner to the?Solomon?Islands, His Excellency Romanu Tikotikoca.

The council was established last Friday and is expected to strengthen trade and development relations between the two countries.

?There?s quite a large number of?Fijians?working out of?Solomon?Islands in the various sectors including security, business, construction, transportation and others,? he said.

?The?Fijian?business houses operating out of Honiara have increased from just seven in 2005 to 28 this year and this shows the level of cooperation and trade between the two countries.?

Some?Fijian?companies that have established themselves in the?Solomon?Islands include Punjas, FMF, CJ Patel and Darlbrough employing more than 1000 locals and?Fijians.

?There are around 400?Fijians?living in the?Solomon?Islands apart from students and this is expected to grow even further as the Melanesian Spearhead Group Skilled Labour Movement comes into implementation,? HE Tikotikoca added.