FRU Congratulates Fiji Bati

Underline30 October, 2013

The Fiji Rugby Union has today sent a congratulatory message to the Vodafone Fiji?Bati?League Rugby World Cup team in?Rochdale.

In a letter addressed to the team,?FRU?Board Member and Acting CEO Dr Berlin?Kafoa?congratulated the Fiji?Bation their win and wished them all the best for their remaining matches.

“On behalf of the Fiji Rugby Union Board of Directors, management and staff I would like to congratulate the Vodafone Fiji?Bati?Rugby team for their 32 – 14 win against Ireland.

You have not only done the nation proud but your family here at the Fiji Rugby Union who were cheering you on, as you tore through the Irish defense with a brilliant display of Fijian flair and world class talent.

The Fiji?Bati?win has laid the foundation for the Flying Fijians who are currently in Europe preparing for their Northern Tour.

It has also sent out a clear message that whatever rugby code the Fijians play whether it be union or league we play with our hearts and the determination to win and never cease to amaze the many fans around the world.

We would therefore like to wish you all the best in your remaining games for the Rugby League World Cup and may god bless the team, management and your families.