Disciplinary Hearing – Nikola Matawalu

Nikola?Matawalu, the Glasgow Warriors scrum half, appeared before an independent?RaboDirect?PRO12?Disciplinary Committee in Cardiff having been cited by the independent Citing Commissioner for an alleged incident of foul play (biting an opponent, Munster’s?Donncha?O’Callaghan, contrary to Law 10.4(m)), arising from the?RaboDirect?PRO12match between Glasgow Warriors and Munster Rugby on Friday?25th?October 2013.

The Committee, chaired by Roger Morris (Wales) alongside?Rhian?Williams (Wales) and Marco?Cordelli?(Italy), heard evidence and submissions on behalf the Disciplinary Officer and Mr?Matawalu.
After a hearing lasting three-and-a-half hours, the committee found, on the balance of probabilities, that while MrMatawalu’s?teeth had come into contact with Mr O’Callaghan’s arm, causing injury, this contact was accidental and therefore not an act of foul play. Accordingly, the citing was dismissed.

The Committee said that they had been impressed with the evidence given by all concerned, including?MessrsO’Callaghan and?Matawalu, and that they had no doubt that the citing commissioner was right to bring the complaint.

Nikola?Matawalu?is free to resume playing immediately.

Law 10.4 (m) – A player must not do anything that is against the spirit of good sportsmanship in the playing enclosure.