I took the test in Spanish and English

Has the stimulus helped you

There has been billions in waste and mis management of the stimulus money. Try comparing the average amount of money that been necessary to create a single job. The government has been giving our money away for years. Why not give it to the people and let them spend it where they want that would stimulate the economy. Oops, they might as well just lower taxes. Oh, my stars, can do that, can we. I guess it better to tax, waste billions of it on bureaucracy, and then spend a million dollars to create one $30,000 per year job. Am I being sarcastic? Absolutely! The ineptitude of this government is absolutely appalling.

cheap moncler This is pretty stunning news done by https://www.moncleroutletsite.com the wsj. This should be banner news that is repeated over and over.

monlcer down jackets The stimulus IS WORKING Moncler Factory Outlet EVERYONE. It has added jobs. Now, what needs to happen is you Josh and all of your fellow reporters need to not let the Republicans say differently like almost always happens. These facts always moncler jackets men get in their way and more often than not the media (corporate) plays along.

moncler sale The Healthcare debate now will add to the economic recovery. The CBO noted the deficit will be reduced by the bill. So, Ms. Phillips frames that fact this morning like it is a moncler jacket outlet bad thing.

Again, the facts are funny things for the Republicans to deal with. I so wish that the media would not let them trample the facts every time they talk

moncler sale outlet well, I dont have a job yet and it is because the economy is bad. The measures put forward by Presidents Obamas Admin have help the economy greatly; they stopped the worst of the recession from happening. The stimulus package has help the economy and will continue to build the economy. People need to understand that it takes hours or even minutes to destroy a house but it takes years to rebuild it; now us that logic moncler chicago to look at the economy. President Obama has been in office for a year now, give him moncler coats sale two more years and see how his policies will perform wonders for the economy.

Wow. Interesting subliminal symantics on your story. Rather than put up a graphic that says out of 54 moncler coats for men economist say stimulus will be positive you chose to put up a graphic saying out of 54 economists think moncler outlet online the stimulus will moncler outlet ny be NEGATIVE You also indicated the economy WILL ONLY grow by 1% rather than giving a moncler jackets kids dollar figure as to how much it is. I would think in these depressive times that ANY growth is moncler coats for cheap positive, discount moncler jackets yet you somehow manage to minimize the move in the right direction.

moncler outlet sale I find it perplexing that you chose to focus on the bad news minority rather than the overwhelming supportive group. I can help thinking the giant corporate heads at CNN want to see President Obama fail. Some of you impartial buy paroxetine online cheap, generic clomid. journalists have a harder time disguising your bias.

I question how moncler jackets on sale the same mesasge would be delivered if it were a Republican platform instead of a Democtratic one. I long suspected CNN is rabidly right wing. You guys moncler outlet usa are just supporting my case every time you do a piece like this.

cheap moncler jackets What about the REST of the story? This reminded me of the window example by Henry Hazlitt. Yes, it helped the economy, BUT, at what cost. How, when, who will eventually pays for this? It is like you sell your car and take a nice trip cheap moncler and while you are on your trip, someone asks you, Are you having a good time? And 54 (economists) of the travelers will say yes, but 4 will say, well, not sure! Who knows the negative long term consequences of this HUGE bailout? Just brace yourself for the tsunami.

Agree with Jerry. Have said it for over a year now. If the government doesn need our money, return it progressively based upon what a person has paid in during their womens moncler jackets lifetime. If you haven paid taxes, you get nothing because chances are you are getting moncler coats support from a social prgram anyway. If not, a portion of the money true tax payers receive would more than likely go to charities and therefore support those people as well. If you are struggling, but paid taxes, the money would allow you to pay off debt, stay in your home or make purchases and everyone benefits. Banks, business, communities,etc. If you are rich or own a business, you have a sizeable amount of extra funds to invest in employees, technology or equipment or make additional purchases. The taxes generated would also help states who have mismanaged instead of constant bailouts from the government. I for one am sick of not seeing any benefit from all of my tax dollars being spent. This is not change I can believe in. It the same old care of the good ole boys at the expense of the Discount Moncler Coats tax payer.

Dear Rick: This a subjec that I think is VERY IMPORTANT to mention in national TV. As you are aware the sencus is hiring people to help. I took the test in Spanish and English. Both times I started talking with th people that was moncler usa there and I came to find out that 70% of the people tht ad applied or been hired, they all have FULL TIME WORK. n my opinion this is a slap in the face to those ones that are trying to get so mefood in the cheap moncler jackets wholesale table and keep a roof over their heads. They should screen the people and only hire people that don moncler outlet store havea job. plenty of millions of unemployed people for the census to get the job done. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!!!!!! I plead to you so yo can make peple aware of cheap moncler jackets outlet this.!!!!!!!!!!!!

moncler outlet online Is this a joke? I am a white male, I moncler outlet canada have Official Moncler Outlet a 6 figure income, I have absolutely no credit card debt, I have no car loan, buy moncler jackets toronto I am never late on my mortgage, I repaid all of my college loans and my credit score moncler jackets canada is above 850. I don qualify for any government stimulus money due to moncler jackets cheap the fact that I have been very responsible in my financial decisions. Why is my income taxed so those that have bought crappy cars, have over spent on credit cards, have defaulted on their mortgage moncler jackets outlet online or have not aspired to excel in life can get a hand out? Where is my government moncler outlet location hand out? Where is my stimulus check? Where is my incentive for being a productive member of society?

cheap moncler outlet Frankly I don want it but what really ticks me off is this irresponsible generation we are breeding that feels that the government is there to sustain moncler coats for kids their life and make up for their poor decisions. If te Republicans (of whom I am one) had chosen to work together from the beginning for a good bill instead of voting on everything we migh have had a decent bill by now. Instead there were people cheap moncler coats for women like Ben Nelson who seemed determined to ruin every chance of getting a bill that would really be a good compromise. However, there are things in this bill we really need. Let pass the bill, we can weed out the poor parts or make them better later.

cheap moncler coats Thanks for the opportunity to speak about moncler coats for women this.

I just saw a fellow on your program talking about charges he had on an imergency room visit. I have one that will top any you have to date.

moncler mens jackets My wife moncler outlet mall and I were involved in a traffic accident in December of 2007 in which were were transported to the local hospital for treatment involving neck and back pain. they did cat scans and the bill came to over $32,000.00. These were full body cat scans but we were charged for individual cat scans of head, neck, back and hips. We were not at fault moncler outlet and we had no health insurance. We could not moncler outlet uk find a doctor for follow up treatment so we finally found an attorney that would help and in the end the insurance of the other driver paid so little that the attorney had to negotiate with the hospital to reduce the cost. They agreed to cut it in half but still the insurance paid so little that we cannot get surgeries needed as a result of the accident. I feel that the President tried to get the whole Senate and house of representatives to work together to pass health care reform. I have insurance but I know there are alot of citizens that don I worked in the Medical and Dental field for the last 30 years and the cost have changed but it is criminal what the hospital and insurance companies have agreed to charge people because they can. Therefore I feel moncler coats outlet that the health bill should pass to start reforming our health care system. It would have been better had all parties worked together but the just say NO is not an answer. Please pass this bill.

Just saw a CNN segment on the stimulus and wanted to share my disappointment with the process. The is clearly biased, and was not properly run. If you ask whether unemployment is decreased and GDP is increased, well, OF COURSE they are. That is what happens when you throw taxpayer money at a problem. If we used this trillion dollar stimulus and it didn even create one job or create $1 of value, that moncler jacket online would have beena humongous waste.

buy moncler jackets The better question for those great economists would have been whether they think this will help the country in the moncler coats cheap long run. My resounding answer is NO. We are rewarding improper speculation, mistreating taxpayers and hard workers, and moncler outlet woodbury inflating the dollar. These, among many other fiscally irresponsible actions by the government, will lead to a long term degradation of US markets, and also the outflow of any talent remaining in this country.

cheap moncler sale People need to think moncler jackets toronto about a term longer than the next one or two years. Wake up people!

Five ways the stimulus money has helped me.

moncler outlet 1. As a moncler outlets uk journalist who was laid off Oct. 2008, I qualified for the dislocated worker program and I now in a grad certificate program (a program I would have never been able to have done on my own).

moncler outlet store 2. I leveraged some of the moncler outlet kids new web content development skills I learned to work as an intern for my former employer.

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