But then again, triple light concentration is too much for

Heliostat for Solar Heating

moncler outlet This enables DIY’ers to build a $111 solar house heater and light source. It pays for its parts in 2 winter months and should last as long as the PVC moncler outlet canada survives the outdoor winter. It provides 4.5 kW for 6 to 8 hours per sunny day, equal to three 1,500 Watt electrical heaters. If it lasts 10 years, this works out to be $0.005 cost per cheap celebrex online, online Zoloft. kWh, 30 moncler outlet woodbury times cheaper than electricity. The supports are cheap moncler spring loaded to let the boards fall to the ground in moderate wind. A galvanized steel design would be moncler jackets better.

Click on the first image to see the ANIMATED GIF.

moncler outlet sale The part sticking out back with the wires does not really help and turned out to not be needed. If it is close to a window like this, just out of the shadow of the roof, a single motor can be used and no adjustment all winter is needed if the axis and tilt off moncler jackets outlet online the moncler jackets on sale axis are just right, as described below. Some of the pictures are just past attempts. The main problem for a DIYer is not being able to find the coupling to the screw for the motor (I had to make it from PVC and epoxy) and getting the bolt for the screw at the other end on a secure swivel.

moncler mens jackets Keep in mind this might burn your discount moncler jackets house down.

Another warning: all PVC like this results in a “flimsy” design that has a lot of movement in it. It works fine and is acceptable for me. The heat problem I show in moncler outlet store the video has been moncler chicago fixed by screwing small wood pieces behind the middle of the 4×8’s into the PCV to make them bow out in the middle just a little. It’s working get except the wind release didn’t work today and I have a little repairing to do.

cheap moncler jackets The circuit diagram has an error: the right side is correct. The left side needs to be wired to cheap moncler jackets outlet the AC cheap moncler jackets wholesale voltage supply the same as the right side.

A few notes: moncler coats sale 1) the horizontal arm needs to be about 4″ shorter so that there is less bending. 2) The PVC sticking out the back with the wiring is not needed. 3) The central two axii need to be different to moncler jackets outlet reduce the large wobbly nature of this PVC design that most people are not going to think is acceptable. I have a design in mind but it’s hard to describe with words and I haven’t built or drawn it. It’s moncler coats a small 3D truss coming out the back where moncler outlet uk the horizontal bar will need two axis “couplings” to make connect points for moncler outlet the truss on each side of the middle. cheap moncler coats for women The objective is to get the middle T out of the picture because it gives moncler coats for women too much.

cheap moncler coats There are details about construction that I need to upload videos for, probably during this 1st moncler jackets cheap week of September.

It uses two 4×8 insulation boards covered in aluminized mylar and mounted nearly vertically on a pole and rotating to following the Sun so that sunlight reflects into a large window or sliding glass door on the moncler jackets men NORTH side of Official Moncler Outlet the house. This “heliostat” is placed exactly north of the window about 15 feet from the target window or solar cells (20 or 25 feet needed for more northern houses especially if the roofs are steep or two stories). The aluminized mylar from Amazon or moncler jackets canada ebay is attached to both sides of the 4×8’s (for strength and appearance) first with spray adhesive and then Discount Moncler Coats with clear packing tape around the edges (which has lasted 4 years on mine). If a target mirror is placed beneath the heliostat at an angle equal to the latitude, then the heliostat can turn at 15 degrees per hour on a single axis and the target mirror can reflect the light into East or West windows, but more ideally into a South window that is behind the heliostat. Another single axis

I heated our 4000 sq ft house last winter with two of these devices using $200 of materials. womens moncler jackets It saved about $400, lowering the natural gas bill from $800 to $400 plus reduced electrical costs for lights and the heater blower. Just the extra intense Sun light coming horizontally down the hallway is worth the effort (more than wonderful) erasing the feeling of winter.

The first moncler outlet location image is an animated GIF that shows it in better detail and ends with a circuit diagram that is WRONG. The voltage supply is supposed to be on a common line in between the two symmetric circuits of paired MOSFETs, not off to the side on one of them. It’s a moncler jacket outlet very efficient circuit which means you have to wire it right or none of it works, which means you will not be moncler jackets mens able to isolate a problem with the wiring if all parts work.

Comparison to South facing windows and moncler coats outlet vertically mounted Solar Hot air boxes

moncler outlet online A North wall mounted solar air box could also be used as the target, getting up to 6 times more heat compared to a wall mounted solar air moncler coats for cheap box because the light can be tripled and it has tracking. But the best solar air moncler outlets uk boxes are not as efficient as smiply letting the light entering a house window of the same size moncler outlet mall because little light energy reflects back outside. But then again, triple light concentration is too much for flammable areas. The heliostat needs to be 50% wider to get the most out of the first and last hours moncler outlet online store of the day, plus twice this to get a doubling of light. Double light intensity is as safe as two mirrors at 30 degrees reflecting light onto a surface facing the Sun. See calculations below showing the comparison of helisotat to vertical south moncler coats for men windows.

monlcer down jackets September 7, 2013 UPDATE (was originally July 28)

cheap moncler I have three PVC heliostats built now cheap moncler jackets and will continue to improve this instructable moncler outlet online to make it easy to implement. There are many “snags” that can occur and I would wait until I finish this instructable before attempting. I have made changes to the animation’s design as follows: 1) no wires for the back support. 2) 1 steel or thick gauge copper wire going over the post moncler outlet kids that supports the top motor and attached moncler jackets for women to each end of the main arm to moncler coats for kids keep it from bending down under the weight 3) absolutely need epoxy under the top 1.25″ sleeve (orange in animation) instead of PVC glue. 4) Low pressure 1″ instead of high pressure 3/4″ PVC arms running up and down (4 of them). They are lighter and bend less. 5) it’s important but not necessary to find 3/4″ steel, copper, or aluminum for the 2 axis (3″ pieces needed) instead of the high pressure 3/4″ PVC. 6) need stand offs in the middle and on each side of the 4×8’s to spread out the light, especially if $10 spray adhesive is not used to hold the aluminized mylar tightly to the 4×8’s 7) I use a small spring to keep one of the front T’s in the middle from coming off, which means wind force on the 4×8’s can push it off, allowing that side of the 4×8’s to fall down. A strong connects that T to a pin (a nail) that holds the other T in place. So they both come off moncler jackets kids at the same time in strong winds, allowing both 4×8’s to fall to the ground.

buy moncler jackets $26 PVC parts (see below)

moncler sale outlet $22 two 4×8 insulation boards

$5 PVC glue

cheap moncler outlet $2 two 1/4″ eye bolts, 1.5 to 2.5 inches long, 6 1/4″ nuts

$2 three foot 1/4″ screw rod from Lowes

moncler outlet store $5 clear packing tape, the wide plastic stuff like 3M.

moncler Cheap Moncler Jackets sale electronics option 2: $4 12 V AC supply, > 100 mA, $2 four IRF530 mosfets, eight 10 Mohm resistors, $3 moncler coats cheap twenty four 50 mA 5 mm LEDs of any color or infrared (6 needed to drive turn on the cheap mosfets)

$15 two 12 VDC motors, about 100 mA, vertical motion https://www.moncleroutletssale.com 20 RPM, horizontal motion 50 RPM. 1 motor is optional if using single axis method I’ll describe in more detail later. (The 1/4″ screws are 20 turns per inch, so 1 to 2.5 inches per minute. More than 50 RPM is not powerful enough for 1 W motors)

cheap moncler sale $20 for 4 mil aluminized mylar. ($4 for 4 emergency blankets is possible but not very durable considering all the moving and bumping of the boards).

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