Shree.Radhe Guru Maa birthday to be celebrated in Mumbai on 2nd March 2014

Singer Narendra Chanchal, Anuradha Paudwal,Indu Khanna and Sanjeev Kohli will in?

“Maa Jagdambe Jagran”

Mumbai:?Vishwa Kalyan hetu, Mamtamayee Shri?.Radhe Guru Maa birthday?will be celebrated and a Maa Jagdambe Jagaran?will be organised on 2nd??March?2014 at B.E.C.Ground , Highway, Goregaon (E),Mumbai by Mamtamai Shri.Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust. It will begin at?8.00 P.M. Popular figures from India including Singer Singer Narendra Chanchal, Anuradha Paudwal,Indu Khanna and Sanjeev Kohli and others will sing the glory of? Maa ?Jagat Jagdambe Maa.?The entry and Lunger( food) is free.

Matamayee Shree?Radhe Maa?Ashram?s are spread over Mukeria in Punjab, Mumbai and Delhi etc. People believe that even if she does not?speak?much, she benefits everyone going there. Some followers believe that she is god and some consider her as their guru. Believers say that Guru Maa?looks at them with kindness and not for their riches. Whenever she helps someone, she also?speaks?to them.

Matamayee?s?ardent follower Sanjeev Gupta, owner of Global Advertisers, says ?The event will be completely free and will welcome all who wish to benefit from the?Maa Jagdambe Jagaran?and Divya Darshan.Whoever, with pure mind goes and meets her, he gets his wishes. They should come to this Vishal Jagaran?and get the blessings of?Maa.?

The event?requires?a free pass. It can be obtained from Shree?Radhe Maa?Bhawan located at Sodawala lane, Boriwali (West), Mumbai or call?on 098209 99020.