I had been avoiding making any appointments with her because

the moncler outlet canada doctors realize I know how babies are made

I’m not sure what makes the doctors and nurses think I don’t know how babies are made, but they are very interested in knowing what form of birth control I want to use after the birth of my last child. They moncler coats outlet make it very clear that I can indeed easily get moncler coats sale pregnant again.

moncler hotmoncleroutlet.com outlet online Honestly, every prenatal and postnatal appointment moncler outlet store I have been to had the doctor or nurse asking what form of birth control I was planning on using. Then they would moncler jackets outlet online type cheap moncler jackets it into the computer and check off that they had done their duty in helping to control the population growth.

I considered changing my answer moncler outlet ny each time, just to see what would happen. One appointment I could be calm and composed and say I needed birth control pills, but on the next I could say that I had changed my mind and was just going to let nature be in charge and see what happened. Or I could say my husband was getting a vasectomy, or maybe something crazy like use faith and pixie dust.

It was annoying how prying these people were being. I moncler coats for men guess I understand that it’s their job to make sure I know how to avoid pregnancy, but seriously, I promise I know how babies are made. I’ve had three and managed to not make any moncler jackets cheap more in between. Really, I’ve got this.

moncler sale One of these appointments was with Dr. Stevens. You might have read how she showed me cheap moncler jackets outlet my cervix in her Mrs. Doubtfire way. I had been avoiding making any appointments with her because she made me very uncomfortable and treated me like I moncler coats cheap was a 5 year old. However, on this particular afternoon, she was the only one available.

cheap moncler moncler jackets outlet jackets She performed the necessary parts of the appointment and we got to the part about birth control options after having the baby.

“So honey, what are you going to do about birth control?” she drawled moncler jackets men in her sweet, grandmother voice.

“Um, moncler jackets kids I think I have it covered,” I replied. I mean, they don’t really need to know every detail of my personal life, right?

cheap moncler sale “Honey, make sure you know breastfeeding is not birth control,” she moncler outlet online store patiently exclaimed. “Just because you might not have your cycle, does not mean you can’t get pregnant.”

cheap moncler “Yes, I know that. I actually know a few people who got pregnant while breastfeeding, so I know how that works,” I moncler jacket online attempted to explain.

“Well, honey, if you choose to use condoms, I recommend using two or three at a time. I https://www.hotmoncleroutlet.com can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women back here pregnant because they just weren’t careful enough. It only takes one faulty condom to make a baby,” she explained matter of factly.

cheap moncler outlet “Ok, that’s good to know,” I answered to appease her. Although I was thinking that might be a bit extreme. Plus, doesn’t that constitute as improper use, making them less effective and defeating their very purpose? Just a thought.

moncler outlet Regardless, I think I can handle not making any more babies right now. I be sure to remember that breastfeeding is not birth control and when using condoms, use two or three at a time because I just can’t be too careful.

moncler sale outlet Name changed to protect privacy

I haven encountered this problem because my midwife doesn ask. She knows we planning a large family. But I get why they ask. There are soooooo many babies out there. It one thing if moncler jackets canada you were properly using birth control and it failed. Then there are the many, many women and girls who really, truly don know the rules of birth control. moncler jackets for women Do I take the pill only on days that I have sex? Can I just use the pull out method? Do I spread spermicidal jelly on moncler outlet location toast? I on my period, so I can get pregnant, right? It sucks that they have to lump everyone into the same category by default, though.

moncler mens jackets few years ago at my annual pap, I was told, after saying we don’t use condoms, that I should probably get moncler outlets uk tested for some STDs. I’m a married woman with children. I sleep with one person and that is my husband. That comment really irritated me. shouldn No one is implying that you are unfaithful, but the doctors don know your husband. When you have intercourse with someone, you are having intercourse with everyone else they had sex with, from an infection transmission perspective. A lot of faithful wives have gone in to the GYN and tested positive for STDs that they got from a cheating spouse. buy moncler jackets toronto It discount moncler outlet the doctor job to test and treat you for disease and he/she would be remiss if they didn consider all the possibilities.

buy moncler jackets Wow, what amazes me is how disrespectful people are at your clinic. The Dr moncler jackets toronto have always asked immediately after birth before I leave the hospital and the question is different, it you need birth control? This moncler coats is buy celebrex, clomid without prescription. just to make sure I have the prescription instead of having to take an appointment. It for convenience, they are being nice. We Moncler Factory Outlet havent said yes yet and feel totally comfortable saying no. First time, the Dr also added that moncler outlet kids it best to wait at least 3 months before getting back womens moncler jackets into it, healthwise, which I agree, 3 months is still a very very short while if you ask me, but yet personal again, I respect other views. After the twins, we probably will take a break from baby making. 4 under 25 months is a bit much to say the least. Don get me wrong, we are very happy. My Dr also asks that same question at the post partum appointment, in a nice way you know, in a caring way. Perhaps, I lucky.

Are you serious? You went to an OB/GYN appointment and don like being asked about moncler coats for cheap birth control?! Really? Wow! You do realize the whole point of going to those appointments is to talk about your reproductive organs and make sure everything is going well there The entire practice revolves around getting pregnant, not getting pregnant, and making sure that there are no problems (ie. diseases, etc) with your body. They are having an adult conversation with what they would assume would be an adult. (In this case, and clearly a few others, apparently not Do you get upset when you go to the doctor because you sick and the doctor and staff has the nerve to ask you what is wrong and/or what medications you have taken to try to relieve the symptoms? (Or the super personal question of what medications you are taking in general? Why should any reasonable person need to tell the doctor what medications they are currently taking? Sheesh!) moncler outlet Perhaps you and the few other people who don quite grasp moncler chicago the context of the appointment might want to avoid going to the doctor altogether.

moncler outlet sale As for being stuck with Jamie Lee Doubtfire, that might just be on you as well You could always wait for an acceptable doctor to be available. I sure you could have made the appointment for another day. If not, Discount Moncler Coats perhaps you should take a step back and just appreciate that there was someone available to see you. And, perhaps look into finding a practice that you actually like the staff of. (It probably goes without saying but, you could have just said no thanks to the cervix peek since it is clear that you really didn want to see it. Some people might find seeing their cervix as interesting. That is a place that most people have never actually seen. You clearly could not have cared less and even went on to bash it and the person who performed the service. Just say no when you don want something done!)

Which brings me back to the original comment. Just stop making appointments. You clearly don understand the point of them. Save yourself, your insurance, moncler jackets on sale and by extension, everyone else with insurance money. Your spot could be taken by someone who truly needs it.

moncler outlet store Honestly I can even believe you wrote this! This is an obvious and necessary question!Everyone might not know that the 1st year after you have a baby you are the most fertile. That why they want to make sure you have birth control, which you can only discount moncler jackets get through your Dr. Unless your using condoms. In my experience most married moncler jacket outlet couples don want to use condoms, we don So getting birth control during your post pardum apt makes a sense. Its not great for your body to get pregnant so soon after giving birth so there are health benefits to you as well. So if you don get this then you seem really ignorant! BTW I know a few young mothers who got pregnant when they didn want to. So they should have talked to their doctors a lot more about birth control. Especially if you see the same doctor all the time. It not that it not a valid question, but it just feels annoying when you hear it all the time.

Yes, there are many women who honestly do need more info. Yes, you can get pregnant with breastfeeding. Ask me about my youngest. But that doesn mean some women moncler coats for women mind that. We didn mind that we had another one. We weren trying, weren preventing, weren aware that it was yet possible, but knew that it could happen anyway. And he adorable!

And, I loved Sabrina comment about the doctor asking right after birth. Yeah, not worrying about that for awhile yet But some women do get busy way sooner than others, so yes, they have to ask. I have even read comments on here about women who did it while still in the hospital after delivery. Definitely not me, but to each their own.

I get why you wrote this article. It does moncler outlets usa get repetitious hearing the same birth control questions every time you talk to an OB/ GYN. moncler outlet woodbury I was annoyed when I went moncler jackets for a consult regarding a miscarriage and that question came up. Really?? I wanted this baby, WE wanted this baby. I in no way want to go on birth cheap moncler jackets wholesale control. I obviously know the only true way to stop having babies is abstain. I am capable of making this choice if I WANT it. Shoving it in my face all the time is not going to make me change my decisions regarding MY body. Her point is if its a Doctor she sees regularly then this DR should be aware by now that she has made her birth control choice and she is an adult and doesn need to be warned about the dangers of getting pregnant especially after 3 children.

HaHaHa OB waited until I was 20 weeks with my twins to ask. I asked if we could knot up those tubes and she smiled. She of all people knew my twins were not planned. I was waiting on my period to start so I could get a IUD placed, but got a positive pregnancy test instead. With each appt after that she would casually ask still tying your tubes? but only because it a permanent option and my twins were so high risk. I appreciated it.

cheap moncler coats When my twins were born, she clarified while I was on the table still sliced open if that is what I wanted. She even gave me a minute to consider it. Then proceeded to do cheap moncler it after I agreed it was still my plan.

monlcer down jackets I don think they ask ask every appointment to be annoying, but because you can change your mind and with pregnancy brain not realize you didn tell THEM.

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