PM O?Neill and EU Representative Discuss Papua New Guinea?s Expanding European Economic Engagement

Papua New Guinea?s relationship with the European Union is growing?from being?predominantly based on development support, to increased trade and?investment?engagement through business cooperation.

The evolution of this relationship was discussed during a courtesy?call to the Prime?Minister, Hon Peter O?Neill CMG MP, by the Head of the European Union?Delegation in?Papua New Guinea, Ambassador Martin Dihm, in Port Moresby this?week.

?More products that are made in Papua New Guinea are being sold in?European?countries than ever before, and European technical expertise and?equipment is?being deployed throughout our resources sector,? the Prime?Minister said.

?We expect to see this business interaction to continue to expand as?our?government-to-government engagement with European countries creates greater?opportunities.

?Papua?New Guinea and the European Union have a bilateral trade agreement that enables?free access products?to the European market.??This access to Europe is particularly beneficial for Papua New Guinea?s?export of palm?oil products as well as fisheries products.?

The?Prime Minister further expressed his appreciation for ongoing development?support that the European Union?has given Papua New Guinea over recent decades.

?The?European Union is Papua New Guinea?s second largest development partner.

?Through?this partnership Papua New Guinea has made a significant contribution to infrastructure?expansion,?skills and capacity development in rural areas, and the?strengthening of the healthcare sector.

?Cooperation?under the 10th?European Union Development Fund has also facilitated?rehabilitation of cocoa and?coffee projects in Bougainville and East New?Britain Province.?