PM Commends Christmas Behaviour

The?Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O?Neill CMG MP, has commended citizens and law?enforcement agencies around?Papua New Guinea for a relatively safe?Christmas?period, and called on people to welcome the New Year with the?same caution.

?We?have seen people celebrating the festive season with respect for each other,??PM O?Neill said.

?Through?well planned and implemented policing activities, together with community?cooperation, for the most part?people have been able to enjoy a safe?Christmas

?In?almost every country around the world there are law and order issues over the?festive season, particularly where?alcohol is involved.??But reporting we?have from around Papua New?Guinea this that despite isolated incidents,?Christmas has been celebrated in?good spirit.?

The?Prime Minister said while some of the reported incidents are serious, this is?not of the scale that might have?occurred in previous years. ?He commended police and community leaders in?working together to ensure a safer?Christmas.

?A?managed police presence through our cities has been effective in dealing with?people who have consumed too?much alcohol, or who might have had?questionable?intent.?

?At?the same time, self-imposed liquor bans at a local level in some areas has?reduced temptation for reckless?behavior.?

The?Prime Minister has conveyed his best wishes for people around Papua New Guinea?to start 2015 on a positive?and safe?note.

?To?all people in Papua New Guinea, I wish you a happy New Year.??Please stay safe, look after each other, and?enjoy?the start of a new year for our nation.?