All Fijian farmers, agro processors and resource owners are encouraged to make use of the two-week?s public consultations organized by the Ministry of Agriculture.?

The Ministry’s Principal Agriculture Officer at its Headquarters, Epeli Dugucagi, said it is very important for farmers and relevant stakeholders to engage themselves in these public consultations, which will be held across the country.??

He said that this activity was organised to inform communities about the assistance provided by the Ministry with regards to their crops and livestock.? He added that the Ministry is trying to reach ordinary Fijians to inform them on the programs and funds available for farmers to use.???

?I believe these consultations will benefit the farmers and stakeholders in terms of their farming programs and marketing purposes.???

The consultations have come about in an effort to improve service delivery, customer service and more importantly, to increase agriculture productivity.?

The Ministry-assisted programs include the Export Promotion Program, Food Security Program, Rural and Outer Islands Program, Sigatoka Valley Development Program and the Dairy Industry Development Program.?

The consultations will end this Saturday 14?February.