Prime Minister?Concerned at Rising Sea Level?Comment by Australian?Minister

September 13, 2015. The?Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, and the Chair of the Pacific Islands?Forum,?Hon. Peter O?Neill CMG MP, has expressed concern at the comments by?Australia?s?Immigration Minister last Friday.

Prime?Minster O?Neill said the comments relating to climate change and rising sea?levels were most unfortunate, and he hoped the attention the issue has received?will help highlight the threat being faced by many people.

?Rising?sea levels is a serious issue affecting thousands of our people around the?Pacific,? the Prime Minister 1421512649drowning.islandsaid.

?Communities?are under threat and they are loosing homes and their food source.

?People?around the Pacific are living in fear with each high tide of storm.

?Every?time seawater inundates their land their possessions are lost.

?Food?crops are also destroyed when they are covered with sea water.

?Other?communities are seeing beach erosion taking away their land and?eventually?their houses.

?People?are being forced off the land where their families have lived for thousands?of?years.

?Connection?to the land is very important for Pacific people so having to leave their?land?is heartbreaking for many people.?

The?Prime Minister said the issue of climate change and rising sea levels was?discussed at length over the past week at the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders?Meeting.

?Pacific?Islands Forum Leaders expressed great concern at the threat posed by?climate?change to our region particularly to smaller developing countries,? PM?O?Neill?said.

?The?people in Pacific Island nations did not cause climate change but they are?suffering because of it.

“In December the United Nations Convention?on Climate Change in Paris will give?all countries the opportunity to do?something to help our communities that are?under threat.”