Ministry Impressed with Nadroga/Navosa Women


Permanent Secretary for Women, Dr. Josefa Koroivueta looks at crafts on display during the Nadroga/Navosa Provincial Craft Show. Photo: DEPTFO


The Ministry of Women has been very impressed on the outcomes and progress made by the women of Nadroga/Navosa since the past 2 years of hosting the National Women’s Expo.

Permanent Secretary for Women, Dr. Josefa Koroivueta revealed while officially opening the Nadroga/Navosa Provincial Craft Show on Thursday.

The event also marked the 6th Provincial Craft Show.

He said the Ministry was also significantly impressed with the outcomes and progress on product development, quality and ensuring that they were market-driven.

“It brings me great pleasure and honor to be here this morning, to officially open the Nadroga/Navosa Provincial Craft Show and more importantly, to witness the potentials and talents that our mothers, sisters and grandmothers have displayed this morning,”

“On that note, I wish to acknowledge the tremendous effort and time invested towards your participation today,” Dr. Koroivueta said.

He also acknowledged the few women whom actively participated during the TFL Fiji Pageant Event which was held in Sigatoka last November.

“Hence your participation in today’s event is crucial and determines your progress and stability as entrepreneurs in your respective households and communities,”

“I would say that Artisans and Crafters in Sigatoka are very blessed and fortunate enough, to have a variety of market access readily available,” Dr. Koroivueta said.

He encouraged rural women of Nadroga/Navosa to capitalize these platforms in hotels and nearby resorts.

“More importantly in linking to other tourist attractions, not only domestic avenues but international platforms as well,” Dr. Koroivueta said.

He said the Ministry was doing its best to generate avenues for women to take elevate your means of income generating from one level to another.

“We are not only making monetary investments in such occasions as such but also engaging in partnerships with relevant stakeholders to help you women make a mark in the craft industry, not only within our shores but looking beyond the Pacific and International borders,” Dr. Koroivueta said.

He said women were the significant agents of change in our families and communities and it was their hard work and commitment that builds the strong foundation for the future of thir families and a nation as a whole.

“Therefore the Ministry continues to persevere in its efforts to reach-out to women, children and families to provide the much needed support to restore happiness and livelihood,” Dr. Koroivueta said.

He said as the Ministry progressively prepares towards the National Women’s Expo on the 14th – 16th June, 2017, they envisaged an increase of rural women provided the opportunity to obtain the ‘Fijian-Made’ Emblem and its Licensing, upon meeting its requirements which is administered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

He also thanked their partners, the Fiji Arts Council who has worked the Ministry’s divisional teams; in order achieve what is expected of the 13 Provincial Craft Shows to be undertaken throughout the four divisions.