Jasa is a Proud Dad


Jasa Veremalua with a relative and his new born baby girl, Photo: SUPPLIED.


While every other Fijian pestle on the loss of our Fijian 7s team in Vancouver, sevens Olympic gold medalist Jasa Veremalua has every reason to smile.

Veremalua today is the happiest man after he welcomed his newborn baby girl at the Lautoka hospital.

Speaking to this newspaper Veremalua said his wife Vani gave birth to a healthy baby girl an hour ago.

He couldn’t express how happy he was with their first baby born.

“I thank the lord for his provision to my wife for the past nine months until today,” he said.

“I am very happy for Vani for being strong and always believing in God.”

Veremalua said it was a blessing for him to be with his wife Vani upon her delivery at the maternity ward in Lautoka.

He also said he is ready to give all his support to his new born baby and as well his wife.