Duavata Drive for Nawaka Youths

DMCP West SP Petero Tuinirarama (in uniform) and Sgt Savenaca Aria (in black and white) look on as youths of Namaka work on the piece of land for their agriculture project

DMCP West SP Petero Tuinirarama and Sgt Savenaca Aria look on as youths of Namaka work on the piece of land for their agriculture project. Photo: POLICE MEDIA CELL.

The interest shown by youths of Nawaka Village to take on agricultural projects has led to a newly formed working partnership with the Western Division Community Policing team.

Taking their cue from the new found interest, the Western Divisional Manager for Community Policing (DMCP/W) Superintendent of Police (SP) Petero Tuinirarama and Nawaka native and Sukuna Bowl winning Police Team Coach, Sergeant Savenaca Aria of Nadi Police Station have come up with a way to assist the eager youths.

“They approached me with their idea so I offered them a four acre piece of land and following discussions with the Divisional Manager for Community Policing we decided to help as it would be a means of giving unemployed youths a source of income,” said Sgt Aria.

The village in Nadi which is well known for producing some of the country’s finest rugby players in the form of Lalai Driu, Semisi Naevo,and while some are pursuing a career in sports, there was a need to address the needs of other youths.

The Divisional Head for Community Policing hopes that many other youths from around Nadi and the Western Division will follow this project in partnership with Police.

“We want to work with the youths  who have no form of employment as they are often the ones who we’ve seen getting into trouble with the law,” said SP Petero.

The Police Rugby Winning Coach said they will assist the youths with their registration with respective ministries, the opening of bank accounts and will find markets for their produce.

The youths started planting Kumala (sweet potatoes) last month and SP Petero said they have a few hotels already line up to buy their produce.

He adds the focus is to introduce initiatives that will help keep youths away from a life of crime.

The Duavata Community Policing team is also looking forward to the Youth Sports Day scheduled in June to conduct more awareness outreach programs.