Overloading compliance improves – LTA

LTA weighbridge_Edited

 The LTA team checks for overloading with the portable weigh bridge. Photo: SUPPLIED

Close to 11 months of combined efforts and aggressive operations on Fiji’s roads targeting overloaded vehicles, has seen significant improvement in weight compliance from vehicle owners, said Land Transport Authority (LTA) Board Chairman, Vijay Maharaj.

“It is pleasing to see a positive outcome resulting from the operation across the country, which has been possible through LTA’s partnership with the Fiji Roads Authority and the Fiji Road Haulage Association,” he said.

The level of compliance, Mr Maharaj said, has increased from 48 percent in February 2016 to close to 95 percent in January this year.

“Exceeding the limit of what you’re supposed to carry not only adds stress to the roads and vehicles, it also reduces the effectiveness of a vehicle’s brakes and suspension, which can affect a driver’s ability to brake and steer properly,” he added.

Excessive loads, he said, have caused damages to bridges; while a number of overloaded trucks have also been involved in road accidents “costing the Government millions of dollars on road maintenance.”

LTA monitors weight limits at three permanent weighbridge stations located in Valelevu, Lami and Lautoka plus three portable weighbridges currently being used in the Northern, Western and Central/Eastern divisions.

“We request all vehicle owners, who are in the business of carrying heavy loads, to keep within the weight limits of their respective vehicles at all times,” Mr Maharaj added.