Online Access for Vehicle Inspections


LTA Chairman Vijay Maharaj (third from left) seals the contract with Tevita Vuatalevu, Managing Director, Dee Ace Motors (fourth from right). Photo: SUPPLIED.

The Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) Authorized Motor Vehicle Inspection Agency (AMVIA), Dee Ace Motors, has now been given access to the Authority’s online system.  This allows Dee Ace to update the vehicle inspections results directly into the LTA system.

The Agency is one of five Authorised Motor Vehicle Inspection Agencies that have been appointed by LTA that provides motor vehicle inspections, with Dee Ace Motors being the first selected for the online access.

Recently the arrangement was finalized in a contract signing ceremony held between Dee Ace Motors and the Authority at its Valelevu headquarters in which LTA’s Chairman, Vijay Maharaj said that the new arrangement is aimed at improving customer service delivery.

“Previously it was all done with the inspection results all documented on paper and sent by hand to be put in our system. With this new arrangement the Customer Service Officers of the authority will have an improved turnaround time as they will not need to key in the inspection data.” he said.