Cadet Develop Qualities of Leadership

Students of Ratu Navula College pictured following their cadet pass out parade. Photo: ANA SOVA


Ratu Navula College first implemented the cadet programme for its students in 2006.

It was stopped for two years in 2011 to 2012.

Approximately 850 students participated in the College’s cadet pass out parade last month.

The school’s Cadet Programme teacher, Ms. Vane Lewaravu said they re-introduced the programme after noticing the students discipline level deteriorating.

“This was one way for us to develop qualities of leadership, courage, discipline and respect in the students and also instill school pride in the students,” Ms. Lewaravu said.

She said it was also a way to instill an understanding and appreciation for the rules and regulations and ethics that governed the school.

“It was a difficult task when we started but once the students knew that there was a programme that they needed to follow it made it quite easy for them,” Ms. Lewaravu said

She said the students had done a wonderful job especially the female students.

“70 per cent of our students are male and 30 per cent females. The female students even though they were a small number, they played quite important roles too out here during the parade such as Officer Commanding (OC),” Ms. Lewaravu said.

She said the female students were quiet tolerant out there in the sun compared to our male students.

Ms. Lewaravu thanked the endless support towards the programme from the parents and guardians especially in buying the cadet uniforms which were $60.

“It’s compulsory for the students to participate in the programme, only if they are medically unfit or certain personal reasons mean they cannot participate,” Ms. Lewaravu said.

Meanwhile, Commander of the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces, Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto in addressing the parade encouraged the students to give their best while they still have a chance at school.

“You are students, you should give it your best, this is the only time you can give it your best. You only have one go at it, so work hard and don’t give up,” Commander Naupoto said.

Baton of Honour: Apisai Tovuga
Best Female Cadet: Paulini Merekula
Best Male Cadet: Kamueli Raratabu
Best Rifle Platoon: Platoon No. 1 Takubu House
Best Platoon in Drill: Platoon No. 3 Takubu House
Best Overall House: Takubu House