Nadi Lead in Climate Change Mitigation


In the coming weeks, the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment, Parveen Bala will be announcing a special Municipal Climate Change Adaptation Program roll out.

Mr. Bala made the announcement while launching the Digicel Nadi Bula Festival 2017 at the Tanoa Skylodge Hotel.

He said this will be in line with the theme and objective of the upcoming COP23 event which Fiji holds the presidency.

“The Nadi Town Council is at the forefront of this initiative. In association with the Ministry of Local Government by joining the the Global compact of Mayors (GCoM), an international body affiliated to COP accords and the United Nations,” Mr. Bala said.

He said this will make Nadi the first Fijian and South Pacific municipality to take a lead in climate change mitigation by joining GCoM, and providing benchmark data on a global online platform in real time, on local carbon emissions.

“This will be the first phase of a four phase program that will take Nadi from commitment to being compliant through its Climate Change Programs,” Mr. Bala said.

He said similar programmes will be rolled out in other municipalities.

“I humbly request you all to join your respective municipal councils and assist in the adaptation activities as planned,”

“Your commitment and assistance will see us leaving a caring environment for our future generations,” Mr. Bala said.