Navosa Lad Takes Top Award

Apisai Tovuga and sister, Verenaisi Sisi pictured with his Baton of Honour trophy following the Cadet Pass Out Parade. Photo: ANA SOVA.


Hard work paid off for Apisai Tovuga when he was awarded the Baton of Honour Award during the Ratu College cadet pass out parade last month.

The Head Boy who is originally from Waiyala in the highlands of Navosa gave credit to the Almighty God for giving him the strength and wisdom to lead more than 800 students who participated in the programme.

“It certainly wasn’t an easy task leading those many students but I thank God for guiding me, I also acknowledge the support from my fellow students, teachers, the officers of the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces and also to our families,” Apisai said.

The 18 year old who was also the Commander of the parade said undergoing the programme has taught him many things.

“It has really helped me mould and better my leadership skills as head boy of the school and my character personally,” Apisai said.

The boarding student said he is thankful to his family upbringing that has molded him into the person he is today.

“I come from a farming background and it’s not easy, I know what it is like to struggle and my parents have worked hard to put me in school and that drives me to do better in life,” Apisai said.

His parents Patemo Taiki and Siteri Viledawa travel to Nadi every Saturday to sell their farm produce.

They also supply cassava twice every week to the school to assist the boarding students.

Apisai who shares maternal links to Vatubalavu Village in Navosa said he’s forever thankful to his parents for their endless support.

“In every school that my sisters and I attend, my parents always give their full support, to us and the school,”

“It was unfortunate they were not able to make themselves available today due to a family commitment but my sister was able to attend,” Apisai said.

The Year 13 student said he has been working hard in order to qualify into enrolling into the University of the South Pacific next year to study law.