Operation Veisiko in Nadi

Nadi Police conducting visitations in Nadi. Photo: POLICE MEDIA CELL.


Nadi Police personnel rounded up their three day operations last week visiting the Nawai Community Post area of operations.

Operation Veisiko saw officers visiting villages, settlements and business houses in the area.

Acting Officer in Charge of Nadi Police District, Inspector Dharmendra Dutt said officers got to feel and experience the hardships people in the area face every day.

“Some of them complained that stray animals eat up their root crops and their reports are being overlooked. Some felt that there was a need for Police presence in their area which would make them safer,” Inspector Dutt said.

Addressing the end of the operation, Divisional Crime Officer (DCO/W) Superintendent of Police (SP), Shanti Lal said now officers know what the community experience daily.

“Farmers complain of stray animals damaging their crops and now you know that their sweat has been in vain and it is something that really affects them because it’s their livelihood,” SP Dutt said.

She was thankful the officers braved the hot sun and walked long distances to visit and talk to people in regards to preventing crime.

“It’s better to prevent crime than to wait and have crime being committed,” SP Dutt said.

Operation Veisiko continues in the Nadi district.