Motorists reminded of proper window tinting standards.

Proper window tinting for motorists.

In the interests of safe driving, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) continues to remind vehicle owners to adhere to the proper standards for the tinting of vehicle windows.

“If a tint has been factory–fitted during the manufacture of the vehicle, that is acceptable. Our concern is with people having their windows tinted. We want to remind them that they must follow the proper light transmittance standards,” said LTA CEO, Mr Carmine Piantedosi

“Tint may only be applied to windows behind the front seat, and there must not allow less than 70% visible light transmittance through the coated window.”

Owners wanting to tint their vehicle windows must first apply to the LTA for approval, as the relevant regulation prevents anyone from selling, supplying, applying or fitting tint to a vehicle, unless it is of a type approved by the Authority.

“If there is an urgent need, exemption may be granted, upon approval of the Authority for the tint darkness, strictly on a specific urgent need, and case by case basis,” said Mr Piantedosi.

He said that there are LTA accredited, tinting agencies, which are well aware of what is allowed under the regulations.

Mobile Tinters, based in Nadi, and the Tint Factory, in Suva, have been accredited by LTA to carry out tinting of vehicles to the prescribed standards.