Education Minister Lauds Sangam School

Minister for Education, Dr. Mahendra Reddy. Photo: UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC 

Minister for Education, Dr. Mahendra Reddy today commended two Andhra Sangam Schools in Lautoka for their investment in education.

The two schools, Lautoka Andhra Sangam Primary and Andhra Sangam Secondary funded their own school  library and workshop for its students.

“This effort of the school committee and parents and its well wishers are welcomed by Government for their continuous investments in the education of our children,” Dr. Reddy said.

“Government is appreciative of the efforts and we hope that other schools around the country will take note of the advancements of schools such as these two schools to further boost the education of children.”

Dr. Reddy was joined by senior executives of the ministry at the event today and highlighted that the enhancement to the facilities augured well with Government’s holistic approach to education.

“As you are aware, Government continues to explore new ways to keep our children in School however we will need the support of parents and the community to also play their part in instilling human values in our students,” Dr. Reddy said.

He added that it was important for the community to ensure the proper molding of our children.

“Social Media, television, internet and smartphones are now easily accessible to our children and this will allow them to broaden their way of thinking however, we (parents) need to ensure that they are groomed to become better citizens and have the values that we have received from our elders.”