Habitual Road Offenders to Show Cause for Their Conduct

Caption: Habitual road offenders need to be aware that they could loose their license if they are issued so many too many tins.

June 17, 2017Licenced motor vehicle drivers need to be aware that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has made changes to its Show Cause policy, with effect from May this year.

“Show Cause” is when habitual offenders are summoned before LTA to explain why they should not have their licenses suspended or cancelled.

“Habitual offenders pose a risk to themselves and to other road users, so we have a moral obligation to get them off the roads,” said LTA CEO, Mr Carmine Piantedosi.

Under the updated Show Cause Policy, drivers who have committed five traffic offences of any nature within the last three years (2014-2017) will be issued with their first warning notice.

A second warning will be issued after a driver commits an additional five traffic offences within that same three years.

If a driver commits an additional five offences for a total of 15 offences within the three years, that they will be summoned for “Show Cause.”

“LTA wants to ensure that people can travel on the road without fearing for their lives or their loved ones,” said Mr Piantedosi.

Under the previous policy, motorists could commit up to eight offences over an unspecified period of time before being called in to “Show Cause.”

In 2016, under the previous policy, 164 drivers had their licenses suspended and 331 drivers received warning letters, 11 had their full licenses cancelled and eight) Provisional Licenses were cancelled.