Burger King Announces Opening of New Airport Outlet  

Caption: Part of the crew at Burger King landside restaurant get all excited prior to the opening. Photos: MOTIBHAI GROUP.

NADI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – Fiji, June 20, 2017. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the atmosphere at the Nadi International Airport as world‐renowned quick service restaurant Burger King is all set to open its third outlet in the country.

The new outlet which is earmarked for official opening on Wednesday, June 21 will be known as the “landside” restaurant and will be accessible to all customers who visit the airport.

Burger King initially started its Fiji operations at the Nadi International Airport on November 16, 2015 with the opening of its first outlet which is only accessible to customers departing our shores via the international departures lounge. Known as the “airside” restaurant, the first outlet has become very popular over the past 18‐months effectively making way for further expansion in the country.

“Following the success of our first outlet at the airport, we are now ready to extend our services to the general members of the public with a completely new restaurant,” Burger King general manager Akash Narsey said.

Mr Narsey said the new restaurant which will create close to 30 jobs will be a real game‐changer as far as service and taste profiles is concerned. “While our menu and price structure at the new outlet will be exactly the same as our key restaurant in Martintar, the introduction of draught beer (on tap) will be yet another first for a quick service
restaurant (QSR) in the country,” Mr Narsey added.

Burger King chairman Kirit Patel, centre, is flanked by director Tejash Patel, left, and general manager Akash Narsey at the new landside restaurant.

“It is service and innovation as such which sets BK apart from other QSR’s in the country and I am very optimistic that the new airport outlet will serve its purpose very well. “The availability of lots of parking space in a secured area is also very encouraging as customers can have good time at Burger King without having to worry about parking at all.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Burger King director Tejash Patel said they are proud to be associated with Airports Fiji Limited as part of its “Nadi Airport Terminal Modernization Project”.

“The new “landside” outlet is part of the many restaurants planned for opening around the country with our first Suva outlet scheduled to be opened in the later part of this year,” Mr Patel said.

Meanwhile, just in 18‐months, Burger King has invested close to $12 million in the Fijian economy and has provided employment opportunities for 90 people with the number expected to grow as the international franchise opens more outlets across the country in coming months and years.

Founded in 1954, BURGER KING is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. Headquartered in United States, the popular restaurant began its Fiji operations in November 2015 with the opening of an ‘Airside’ restaurant located within the International Departures Lounge at the Nadi International Airport. With two outlets now fully operational (including Martintar, Nadi), Burger King has plans to expand its reach to other towns and cities of Fiji in future with an immediate plan to open the third restaurant which will be located at the Nadi International Airport  ‘farewellers’ hall and accessible to the general public.