FRA Stern on Non-Performing Contractors

Fiji Roads Authority Chief Executive Officer, John Hutchinson. Photo: FRA


The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) has given a stern warning to contractors that it will not condone any laxity.

Chief Executive Officer, John Hutchinson revealed while they have a number of contractors that do very good work,  there have been a number of contractors struggling to carry out the work they had signed up to do.

“One of the reasons for those struggles is they may not have the capacity and skills internally. Part of our process is where we try and help them to develop those skills and capacity. Quite often a lot of those contractors take on more work than they can handle,” Mr. Hutchinson said.

He said the Authority needs contractors to be honest and not take on work they cannot handle.

“At the moment if you don’t perform you’re not going to get work with us. That’s the simple story,” Mr. Hutchinson said.

He said not only were the contractors required to perform in terms of the quality in the work that they do. It’s also their safety performance, the entire management of their works and also the costs they have.

“We are not necessarily going with lowest price all the time, its best value. If necessary I don’t mind paying a little bit more for a contractor who’s a proven performer,”

“You should be able to prove that you can do the job. If you are not able to do the job don’t take on the work. That’s my advice,” Mr. Hutchinson said.