Speed Humps Last Resort: Hutchinson


Speed humps are not necessarily an appropriate mechanism for managing pedestrian safety.

This has been an argument made by the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) Chief Executive Officer, John Hutchinson.

He said the reason they receive a lot of requests for speed humps is because people speed through school zones in particular.

“My argument is that people shouldn’t speed through school zones in the first place. So, it’s the driver behavioral issue first and foremost,”

“There are other pedestrian crossing mechanisms which are safer, better and allow traffic flow better than speed humps. It’s the last resort we will look into speed humps,” Mr. Hutchinson said.

He said a speed hump is a pot hole in reverse.

“We go to a lot of effort to build good roads and then people suddenly want to put speed humps on them. I might as well just go and dig a trench across the road has the same effect, slows people down,”

“That’s the argument, people complain all the time about potholes and conditions of the road but as soon as we improve the road, people start speeding, why? I can’t answer that question, that’s a behavioral issue that needs to be addressed,” Mr. Hutchinson said.

He’s suggested that pedestrian crossings and speed cameras are appropriate mechanisms.

“I know the Land Transport Authority have come under a lot of criticism about their speed cameras around the country. Why? They’ve been accused of revenue raising. Those speed cameras are put in blind spots to get people to slow down because they are known accident arrears,” Mr. Hutchinson said.