Fiji Participates at ACP Parliamentary Committee on Political Affairs

Hon. Ashneel Sudhakar and Permanent Representative to the European Union, Ambassador Deo Saran at the 46th Session of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly in St Julian’s, Malta. Photo: DEPTFO.

The 46th Session of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly got under way in St Julian’s, Malta on Wednesday 14th June.

Fiji is being represented by Hon. Ashneel Sudhakar and supported by Permanent Representative to the European Union, Ambassador Deo Saran.

Hon. Sudhakar chaired the Committee on Political Affairs the first of three standing committees, to meet ahead of the full ACP Parliamentary Assembly which will met on Friday, 16th June, followed by the meeting of ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.

On behalf of the Committee, Hon. Sudhakar conveyed their deepest sympathy to the people of Vanuatu following the effects of cyclone Donna.

The Committee on Political Affairs dealt with several relevant issues of political nature from the ACP perspective.

Members deliberated on the amendments to the draft reports on the Financing of Political Parties in ACP and EU countries. In the ensuing discussions the committee noted that problems associated with political financing were common to both ACP and EU countries, and stressed that financing plays a key role in democratic process.

The committee underscored the need for clear mechanisms to regulate political financing.

The Committee further considered amendments to the report on the challenges in the field of the security-development nexus in the ACP and EU policies.

The Assembly also considered governance issues facing small island states and exchanged of views with the European External Action Service on the Political Dialogue under Article 8 of the Cotonou Agreement.

The Joint Parliamentary Assembly sessions end on Wednesday 21st June.