Police Outreach Program in Kadavu

Students of Muana District School and the community policing team. Photo: POLICE MEDIA CELL.

An awareness outreach program is currently being conducted on the island of Kadavu as per a request made by the Kadavu Provincial Council meeting last year.

The team is being led by the Southern Division Manager Community Policing Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Iliesa Bolabiu and consists of officers from the Drugs Unit, Sexual Offences Unit and Juvenile Bureau.

As part of the Duavata Community Policing concept of working with other stakeholders, the Divisional Medical Officer Kadavu and officials from the Lands Department and Lands Commission, Ministry of I-taukei Affairs and the Election Officials accompanied the awareness team.

A request was made during the 2016 Kadavu Provincial Council meeting for the Community Policing team and the Drug Unitto conduct awareness on the effects cannabis has on the individual and also on the development of Kadavu.

The head of the Drugs Unit Detective Inspector Anare Masitabua said their focus was to help the people of Kadavu find ways to counter the illegal cultivation of marijuana.

“We want people to know that marijuana is a determining factor to many crimes that are being committed today and can lead to other social problems. By working with us through their Crime Prevention Committees we can find ways of eradicating its cultivation before other innocent people become victims”.

“With the assistance of other Government stakeholders we were able to focus on drugs and its effects andalso focus on the benefits Community Policing can have on their communities”.

Awareness was also conducted at several Primary and Secondary Schools.