Burger King Landside Opens at Airport

Two employees of Burger King Landside Restaurant serve draught beer, a new feature to the American fast food chain locally. Photo: ANA SOVA.


American global fast food chain, Burger King has opened its third local outlet at the Nadi International Airport yesterday.

The new outlet known as the “landside” restaurant will be accessible to all customers who visit the airport.

Burger King initially started its Fiji operations at the Nadi International Airport on November 16, 2015 with the opening of its first outlet which is only accessible to customers departing our shores via the international departures lounge.

The second outlet was opened at Martintar, Nadi in February last year.

Burger King Fiji General Manager, Akash Narsey speaking at the official opening of the Burger King Landside Restaurant yesterday. Photo: ANA SOVA.

Burger King Fiji General Manager, Akash Narsey said they’ve worked very closely with Airports Fiji Limited to make sure the new site was delivered on time and the handover was as smooth as possible.

“Today has been the first day of operation, it has been very positive. We haven’t really advertised to say this is where we are but the number of guests that have come in since we opened at 5.30am this morning, it’s very positive, a lot of locals and those that work around here as well,” Mr. Narsey said.

With interior designs designed by a New Zealand based company, natural copper brick walls, and furnishing pieces shipped from China and Thailand and world-class standard kitchen fit outs, Mr. Narsey said the construction of the outlet costs about $1million including labour.

He said the features of the restaurants are mostly similar to the already existing outlets with minor differences which includes the selling of draught beer at the new restaurant.

The restaurant is open from 5.30am to 10pm daily.

“It’s not open 24  hours, at the moment it is tied with the flight departures, we will most definitely change those times depending on what our customer demands are,” Mr. Narsey said.