Resort Celebrates World Ocean and Ozone Day

Casteaway Island Resort World Ocean Day celebration. Photo: SUPPLIED.


Castaway Island Resort celebrated World Ocean Day with the mission to grow a football field worth of corals and make a positive impact in helping to save and protect coral reefs.

On the June 8th, in-house guests, kids club, Malolo District School Environment class, staff and the Mamanuca Environment Society partake by helping to participate in activities on Coral planting, Butterfly fish count, Trash line game and Coastal tree planting.

World Ocean Day celebration serves as an important reminder that we must focus on protecting our oceans as they provide us with our needs.

Marine & Environment Education Officer Jessie Matai said: “We celebrate the significance and impact of the oceans around the planet, by highlighting their many contributions to human society and it’s a global celebration of ocean and collaboration for a better future”

This event celebrates annually on the 8th of June with this year’s theme “Our Ocean Our Future”, which serves as a platform to mitigate plastic pollution as this is a major issue facing our ocean today.

As approximately 60% of our ocean is devastated due to many factors, the Outrigger Resorts Ozone initiative will have the opportunity to be part of the solution to help restore the vital coral reefs in the world.

Oceans covered 70% of the earth’s surface and play a vital role in generating most of the oxygen we breathe, source of food and nutrients, help in regulating climate and serves as a backbone of international trade.

Coral planting activity commence with two tables consisting of 66 cookies with the participation of in-house guests and Malolo District School Environment class.

With the inclusion of butterfly fish count activity, the students and kids club help in recording an aspect of Castaway’s amazing coral reef biodiversity.

Vice President, Corporate Communication, Outrigger Enterprises Group, Hawaii Bitsy Kelley said nearly 60 percent of the world’s remaining reefs are at significant risk of being lost therefore the Outrigger Group of resorts will help restore the crucial coral reef system.

Environment class member Maciu Bolanilau said trash line game aims to raise awareness of the importance of Waste Management and let participants know how long it could take for a type of waste to decompose.

“This activity is really fun and educational as it promotes how to manage waste so as to not end up in our ocean” he said.

MES applauds Castaway Island Resort for the great work in restoring our coral reefs ecosystem. Since 2015, Castaway together with MES has both managed to plant corals covering a total reef area of 419.19km² along the in-house.