Vodafone Fiji Scoops Another Global Award

June 22, 2017. Vodafone Fiji picked up yet another international award at the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards and Innovation Summit in London last week. Mr. Andrew Kumar, Vodafone’s Chief Technology Officer, received the Award on behalf of Vodafone Fiji.

The company was recognized in the “Business Service Innovation” category receiving an award for the Kiribati Infrastructure Build with partners GENBAND.

“The award is an addedachievement for Vodafone Fiji to be recognized for innovation at the global level, said Mr. Kumar.  Innovation and continuous improvements have been nurtured and developed into a culture and is the Vodafone way of doing things. On behalf of the company, I would like to acknowledge and thank the dedicated brains behind our great achievements for the transformation of Vodafone Fiji into a world class organization, said Kumar”.

Vodafone Fiji is at helm of operations for their parent company; Amalgamated Telecom Holdings ventured into Kiribati, starting operations in December 2015.

ATHKL has till date upgraded services in Kiribati to 3G and latest 4G networks. The network transformation has been aligned to deliver revolutionary development to telecommunication and ICT services in Kiribati.
With the investment of around $20 million in the mobile network, ATHKL now has a new network system with fully integrated internet protocol (IP) network and Kiribati’s largest which will be most reliable national mobile network.

Our key focus is to bring about improvements in telecommunications services in the nation and to provision contemporary and affordable telecommunication facilities and services to the government, education, businesses and consumers.

Partnering with University of the South Pacific to further our commitment in connecting Kiribati. With the Tablet Learning Project (TCP) from USP, 50 first year students will receive a tablet to assist with their studies. ATHKL’s support will ensure that the students carry out their research and activities with ease for their programmes of study.

We have seen the immense impact that ICT have had on the social development and economic growth for countries that have embraced the digital revolution. Now the 50 students in Kiribati will be able to firsthand experience the benefits of latest mobile and internet connectivity.

We took another step towards our goal of bridging the rural-urban and outer island telecommunication and reach the gap in the market and with easier access to services through our connectivity we will assist in education, health and improve social and economic development.

With the launch of MPAiSA services, we are able to diminish the waiting game of sending and receiving money to families and friends in Kiribati. Additionally, this service allows to conveniently pay electricity bills with the touch of buttons from the mobile phones from the comfort of their homes.

Our entity is determined to deliver incomparable telecommunications services to the people of Kiribati through the new network as we look towards the new horizon of possibilities. Our team is currently working towards making international transfers soon a possibility and also to get onboard the Island Councils as agents for MPAiSA Services in due course.

Vodafone Fiji has also been very instrumental in supporting other Pacific Island operations which falls under the Amalgamated Telecom Holdings banner and in this instance providing a remarkable telecommunications infrastructure development for a Pacific Island Nation.

We continue our journey to bring the latest of mobile network and services and provide world class connectivity for the region, said Kumar.