Ministry Awards Farmers for their Hard Work

Central Farmer of the Year, Taoba Vola with the Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Viam Pillay and PS Agriculture, Mr Jitendra Singh and Deputy Secretary Corporate Services & Planning Maca Tulakepa. Photo: DEPTFO.

The Ministry of Agriculture acknowledged farmers with awards for their hard work throughout the year this morning during the 2017 Central Agriculture Show Farmer Awards Program.

Thirty nine farmers in the Central Division were rewarded with awards in the range of crops, livestock, fisheries, forests, school gardens and farmer clusters.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture Hon. Viam Pillay while addressing the farmers, thanked them for their hard work throughout the year and encouraged other farmers to work hard in future.

“Farmer Awards is an initiative  by the Ministry of Agriculture to recognize the contribution made by farmers in the development of the agriculture sector,” said Hon. Pillay.

“It is a token of appreciation and recognition by Government through the Ministry of Agriculture for the hard and honest work put in by all farmers in the Central Division.”

Hon. Pillay said farmers play a very significant role in terms of economic development in the country.

“Your efforts in partnership with Government in the provision of food security, increasing agriculture exports and providing the raw materials for agro industries to support employment and livelihood of many communities is critical for the economic development of our beloved nation,” he added.

Some of the awards included Young Farmer, Woman Farmer, Forester, and Fisherman of the Year and Central Division Farmer of the Year.

Apart from farmer awards, recognition awards were also given to key stakeholders as an appreciation by the Government through the Ministry of Agriculture for their contribution in driving the agriculture sector in the Central Division.