Mazda Recalls 2003-2008 RX-8 Models

A Mazda  2003-2008 RX-8 Model. Photo: AUTO EVOLUTION.COM

The Consumer Council of Fiji is asking consumers who may own Mazda RX-8 models manufactured in the years 2003-2008 to get their vehicles checked by Niranjans, being the authorized Mazda dealer in Fiji.

The call comes in light of the ongoing global recall of the RX-8 year 2003- 2008 models.

The RX-8’s manufactured in these years have issues with the improper cushioning of the ball joint, suspension and fuel pump pipe.

As per global reports, the Mazda RX-8’s manufactured in years 2003-2004 covering 35,332 cars, has the issue of improper cushioning of the ball joint resulting in cracking of the ball joint socket.

If suspension operates with a large load, the ball joint may disengage from the socket causing steering failure of the vehicle.

In addition, Mazda RX-8’s manufactured in years 2003-2008 covering 69,447 cars, has issues of fuel pump pipe which upon continuous usage may deteriorate by the heat from the engine and exhaust pipe.

This would eventually crack and piddle out fuel leading to a fire. While the Council has been made aware that not many Fijian car owners will be affected as only years 2003-2008 models are being recalled.

However, those owning RX-8 vehicles manufactured in these years are urged to contact the authorized dealer, Niranjans, for advice on the security of their vehicle.

These vehicles could have entered Fiji through second hand car dealers. Owners of RX-8’s manufactured in years before 2003 and after 2008 have nothing to worry about.