$25,000 for Chauhan Memorial School

Dr Reddy receives the cheque from Mr Satya Nand. Photo: DEPTFO.

Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Hon. Dr Mahendra Reddy received a sum of $25,000 from Mr Satya Nand, a donor for the construction of a teachers quarters at Chauhan Memorial school yesterday.

Chauhan Memorial School is a multi-racial school with a roll of 348 students.

The cheque was presented to Minister Reddy and the management of the school by Mr Nand on behalf of Ms. Satrekha Chauhan of United States of America. Ms. Chauhan is the youngest daughter of Ram Asre Chauhan, who was the founder of the school. He initiated the idea of starting Chauhan Memorial school, donated land and used timber from his sawmill to establish the school in 1957.

Minister Reddy, while receiving the donation, thanked the donors for their vision towards the development of the school.

“The Ministry of Education, Heritage & Arts acknowledges the visionary initiative of the donor to assist towards the development of the infrastructure facilities at the school and thus, assisting the Ministry in its vision to ensure that all children deservedly get access to quality Education,” Minister Reddy said.

The Education Minister added that partnerships in education is vital for driving its growth and development and when we have the individuals and private sector organizations collaborating, this movement is greatly bolstered.

“When we have individuals who are so committed towards children, the equation to deliver quality education becomes easier as Quality education requires Quality facilities.

“The unique thing about the event is the attachment of the family to this prestigious institution. The history of this school especially, on how it was established is a testimony of this great family’s commitment to education.”

The president of Rewa Sanatan Branch and also the President of Chauhan Memorial school, Vijendra Prakash while receiving the cheque with Minister Reddy was highly appreciative of this initiative.

“On behalf of Sanatan Fiji, this is indeed a very happy occasion to receive yet another donation from the Chauhan family, first in terms of the whole school property and now, second, a cash donation to construct the school quarters to benefit our children and staff of the school. All these are only possible through the current Government and Ministry of Education’s vision towards the development of education for all and we are proud partners with the Government to support all its efforts for a better and brighter Fiji,” Mr Prakash said.

The Chauhan family will continue with funding assistance to further improve and develop the infrastructure facilities at the school.