New Handbooks Launched for WAF’s Business Customers

WAF CEO, Opetaia Ravai  (on the right) launching the new handbook for business customers.Photo: PACIFIC REACH LIMITED.

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) has introduced two new handbooks all aimed at improving access to their services.

The handbooks ‘Fabrication & Installation of Grease Traps and Underground Grease Interceptors’ Handbook and the new ‘Liquid Trade Waste Policy’.

The handbook was written by WAF local engineers and a consultant from Sydney Water and contains practical information on the fabrication of grease traps, material sizing, piping and proper standards to follow.

While speaking at the launch of the Handbook at Albert Park in Suva, WAF Chief Executive Officer Mr Opetaia Ravai said it also ties in with the recent Liquid Trade Waste Policy approved by Cabinet on February 15th this year.

“This handbook contains important and practical information on how our key stakeholders such as businesses and industries can play their part in ensuring that our new Liquid Trade Waste Policy is followed,” said Mr Ravai.

The 27 page handbook according to Mr Ravai “will also be an important tool for people and businesses in the plumbing industry as it serves a great need for the restaurant sector where it is now compulsory to have grease traps or grease interceptors.”

Meanwhile the six page Liquid Trade Waste Policy also clearly defines how it is different from human sanitary wastewater as well as new requirements under the policy such as the granting of permits, pre-treatment of waste and fees and charges.

“Up until now, the Water Authority of Fiji has footed the bill for treating all liquid waste discharged into its network. Under the new Liquid Trade Waste Policy and the Fabrication & Installation of Grease Traps and Underground Grease Interceptors Handbook, that will soon change,” Mr Ravai said.

WAF together with the Fiji Commerce Commission and its line Ministry are now in the process of determining a proper fee structure and charges for those found to be in breach.

WAF business customers will be able to obtain a copy of the handbooks from all WAF Customer Services Centres.