Poor Rubbish Disposal a Major Challenge for Council

Poor Rubbish Disposal along the Waioloaloa Beach. Photo: LUISA MOLIDRAU/Facebook.


Nadi Town Council is urging the public to take responsibility of their rubbish and avoid littering.

Chief Executive Officer Peter Dinning said this issue has become a major challenge for the council.

“In the matter of rubbish generally this is a major challenge for Council and it needs for the community to be more responsible for their litter and littering,” he said.

Mr Dinning said there have been community groups that have volunteered and done some cleaning up.

“There are a number of community groups who undertake regular clean up campaigns which are very much appreciated by Council. However their good work is often short lived due to further littering by the public,” he said.

Meanwhile, some of the mostly littered sites are the nearby beaches namely Wailoaloa and Saweni Beach.