Reducing Our Carbon Footprint Initiative To Be Launched This Friday

The USP Lautoka Campus Climate Change team has been running several activities in the campus with students focus and engagement.

For a change, to ensure a more active involvement from staffs, we decided to design an activity that focuses and engages only the USP Lautoka Campus staffs.

This staff based activity is based on the theme “Reducing our carbon footprint”. The idea behind the theme is to help out in reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by reducing our carbon footprint since GHG is a primary’ contributor to a global temperature rise of -L”C since preindustrial era.

One of the activities will be focused on tree planting, and the staffs have started off with making pot plants from home and all will be bringing in their pot plants during the launch.

Later these pot plants will be kept in their individual rooms to help carbon reduction and providing a more oxygen- rich environment.

Another activity is focused on recycling, based on the 3R’s i.e reuse, reduce, recycle. We are working with the Lautoka city council (LCC) on this activity for the recycling of our waste materials.

“Reducing our carbon footprint” will be officially launched this Friday USP Lautoka Campus.