New Cardiac Stress Test Clinic Opened in Nadi

PS for Health Philip Davies at the opening of the new cardiac stress test clinic in Nadi today. Photo: LUKE NACEI.


The Permanent Secretary for Health Philip Davies today opened a new cardiac stress test clinic at the Sarada Medical Centre in Nadi.

PS for Health Philip Davies.

These he says will extend the services provided for the local population at the Medical Centre.

“The clinic we are opening today is a potential life saver,” he said.

“It may look like something you would expect to see at an upmarket gym and when the clinic is operating there will be people jogging on the treadmill but the equipment you see here can give doctors insights into the working of a patient’s heart and their general physical condition.”

He adds, people are fortunate enough to live a time in a country where modern medicine can cure many previously incurable conditions.

However, he is yet reminding the public to be responsible in looking after their health and that of their own families.

“We are fortunate that many diseases that used to be major killers in our community have been eliminated or are close to being eliminated.”

There are there a five medical professionals serving at the medical Centre. The medical centre invested $30,000 AUS dollars in the new exercise stress test equipment.