WAF Plans to Expand Nagado Plant

An aerial view of the Nagado Water Treatment Plant. Photo: PACIFIC REACH LIMITED.


In the wake of an algae bloom at the Vaturu Dam in Nadi, the Water Authority of Fiji is looking at increasing the capacity of the Nagado Water Treatment Plant.

This was revealed by Chief Executive Officer, Opetaia Ravai yesterday saying they are wanting to build a new plant next to the already existing one.

“In the long term we have to increase capacity of Nagado to deal with such fluctuations, even to deal with a completely unique event as the algae. So we are fast tracking the design and construction of a new plant,” Mr. Ravai said.

He said they already have some fair idea on what to do but they will need to tender the design and build of the facility.

“The design and build tender will conceptually describe what we want, how much the production we want to increase it to and the type of treatment that we want to cater for future instances like this,” Mr. Ravai said.

He said the preparation of tender documents is already work in progress and an invitation to tender will be put out soon.

Algae growing at Vaturu Dam has been flowing into the Nagado Water Treatment Plant affecting water supply to parts of Nadi.