Police Farewell Lutumailagi and Radrodro

Joeli Lutumailagi and Eremasi Radrodro with the Commissioner of Police, Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho following their itatau. Photo: POLICE MEDIA CELL.

The Fiji Police Force bid farewell to two officers who were able to use their talents on the rugby field in community policing under the Policing Fiji through rugby concept.

Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho farwelled Special Constables Eremasi Radrodro and Joeli Lutumailagi, as they exited the institution, after securing contracts to play professional rugby in France.

SC Radrodro and SC Lutumailagi have both served in the Force for 2 and 6 years respectively.

The Policing Fiji through rugby concept sees officers who are rugby players conduct awareness and coaching clinics with members of the community as a means of an outreach program of bringing people together under Duavata Community Policing.

The Commissioner of Police in farewelling the two officers said the support of the entire institution was behind them.

“Thank you for having the courtesy to come and say goodbye which is not only a show of respect to the institution but it says a lot about your humble nature and this is a quality that will take you both a long way in your professional rugby career”.

“Know that you have the blessings of everyone in the Fiji Police Force and that you can call us if you ever need help with anything here at home”.

The head of the Force also gave the two some fatherly advice.

“Use this opportunity well so that it can be beneficial to your families because the chance may not come again”.

“Remember to save and think of your future and think about life after rugby because you won’t be playing rugby forever”.

Speaking on behalf of the two, Radrodro said they were grateful to the Fiji Police Force for providing them employment opportunities.

“We thank the Fiji Police Force always supporting us and giving us the flexibility to pursue our rugby career both on the national and international level”.

“Because of that we were able to secure these contracts and we do hope that there will always be a place for us as our hearts remain on serving the people of Fiji as police officers”.

The two have resigned from the Fiji Police Force and will leave for France next week.