Improvement work continues on unsealed roads

FHH crew sealing Baulevu Road. Photo: PACIFIC REACH LTD.

Dusty road will now be a thing of the past with the near completion of a major rehabilitation work on Baulevu Road, outside of Nausori.

Fiji Roads Authority Acting CEO Robert Sen said that Baulevu road was once a sealed road and because of deteriorating road conditions the seal had to be ripped off and the road programmed for resealing.

Fulton Hogan Hiways’ Construction Manager Mark Burns said that a crew of 12 is sealing the four- and-a-half kilometres of the road.

The Baulevu road works included the ripping, grading, reshaping and surfacing of the road; cleaning of drains, waterways and the installation of new culverts to remove water from the new pavement.

“The improvements have made the road safer for all road users in this area and the drainage improvements have seen a decrease in the water on the road and erosion on the road edge,” said Burns.

“The second phase is currently in progress which is the overlaying of the new seal on the stablised sections,” he added.

The crews also carried out repairs on a slip.

Burns also mentioned that FHH have “completed stablising and sealing 3-point-8 km and yet to seal the next 560 this month and complete the last 140 metres remaining to the King’s Road intersection in early August”.

Baulevu is 10km away from Nausori Town and off the Kings Road. It serves more than 1000 residents in farming settlements, three schools plus the villages of Kasavu, Natoaika and Naganivatu.

Corporal Isireli Pareti, the Baulevu Police Post Officer, said he is very thankful and at the same time relieved, as the repair work will improve their response time to crime cases and also to emergencies.

“The condition of the road used to delay our work and sometimes caused inconvenience but this has never been better,” he said.

FHH carries out the Fiji Roads Authority’s maintenance programme to provide road access in the Central, Northern and the Eastern divisions.