Leadership Training In TVET Sector

Mou-between-FHEC-and-APTC. Photo: SUPPLIED

Twenty participants from our Technical Vocational Education Training Sector will be given an opportunity to study the Australian Certificate Level 4 in Leadership and Training at the Australia Pacific Technical College [APTC].

This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly undertake this project by the APTC and the Fiji Higher Education Commission.

The programme will allow the participants to gain specific skills and expertise as they transition into leadership and supervisory roles.

The FHEC has been receiving nominees for the programme and will finalise the listing of the twenty participants with the APTC.

The programme will be delivered part time between August and December this year.

FHEC Director Mrs Linda Aumua stated that this partnership has been long overdue of the two parties in their capabilities to come together in supporting and developing the TVET sector of the nation.

APTC Chief Executive Officer, Ms Denise O Brien expressed that it was a great pleasure to sign the first MoU with the FHEC especially in developing the TVET sector which is the passion of the APTC.

Ms O Brien stressed that TVET is a needed, growing and vibrant sector that is providing the skills for economic prosperity throughout Fiji.