Police receive BSP assistance

ACP Luke Navela receives the cheque for the gym from BSP Life’s Marketing Manager Janine Penjueli. Photo: POLICE MEDIA CELL.

With more than 90% of police deaths recorded in 2016 linked to Non-communicable diseases the Fiji Police Force’s Welfare Group  is adopting a more proactive approach in protecting the lives of its members.

Chairman of the Fiji Police Welfare Group Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Luke Navela said there was an urgent need to address initial concerns raised through the first phase of the Health Audit currently underway within the Force.

“Many of our officers are dying very young and the need to change lifestyle behaviours and get our officers moving and living a more active life is critical if we are to avoid further loss of life”.

ACP Navela said the Welfare Group had wanted to be proactive and avoid more officers becoming victims of NCD’s.

“We had signed with BSP Life earlier this year for our Life term policy and now they have again come on board and to assist us with our next step of setting up gyms for our officers”.

BSP Life’s Marketing Manager Janine Penjueli in handing over the first phase of $15,000 assistance said they are happy to help the Fiji Police Force as it has the potential to benefit all communities.

“BSP Life is more than happy to assist and we understand that it is also part of the Fiji Police Force’s strategic way forward of improving service delivery”.

“We hope the gyms because when you have healthier and fitter officers so they will be able to better serve the people of Fiji and we are happy to come on board and make a positive impact for everybody”.

The second phase of the BSP Life’s assistance will be handed over next year.