Chands Passion For Rugby

Ryan Vijay Chand. Photo: Stanley Qeleni.


Every afternoon he would watch the boys play rugby in Naqere heights in Savusavu.

It was from that time he decided to try out the sport which he had much interest in.

Meet Ryan Chand a first timer in rugby and is someone who has brighter plans in this field.

Chand is the first ever Fijian of Indian descent from his Khemendra Central school that will be taking part in the Kaji Rugby this year.

Speaking to this newspaper, he said he was obliged to have been named in the Cakaudrove Under13 side that will be touring Viti Levu during the two weeks holiday for the Kaji games.

Chand defied all odds taking up the one passion he had always dreamt about.

“I had always dreamed of becoming a professional rugby player and taking up this sport at this age is the first step to becoming an experience rugby player, he said.

“I want to be the first Fijian of Indian descent to represent my school. My parents are super proud of my achievement and that is all I need.

Chand says he would love to continue his education after primary school in one of the prominent schools in Viti Levu.

“I want to attend Ratu Kadavulevu School because I believe I can continue with my rugby career there.

His coach and trainer Stanley Qeleni said Chand has all it takes to becoming a professional rugby player in the near future.

“I am proud of him and what he has achieved so far. His sacrifices have paid off and I promised him that he will represent Cakaudrove to the Kaji Rugby,” he said.

“His fitness is up to par and now he is looking forward to a great competition come the Kaji Ruby fiesta.

Qeleni encourages students of Chands age to take up the sport they feel they have a passion in.

“Nothing beats hard work, he has really paved his way through this and I believe he is going to go on a long way if he can do it so the others that are in the same generation as Chand,” he said.