$3.6 Million Water Treatment Plant for Fiji Pine

The Prime Minister Vorerqe Bainimarama with the Faiz Khan the Executive Chair at the opening of the new water treatment plant. Photo: LUKE NACEI


The Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama opened a brand new 3.6 million dollar water treatment plant at Fiji Pine.

Mr Bainimarama highlighted that they now have successfully upgraded 85 per cent of Fiji Pine’s infrastructure assets that were in dire need of repair.

“As part of that effort, I’m delighted to be here this morning to also officially open a brand new 3.6 Million Dollar water treatment plant,” he said.

Speaking to about 3000 people, the Prime Minister said not a single cent was borrowed for the completion of the project.

“As was the case for the entire upgrade of the Drasa factory, including the new sawmill, kiln, and planner mill and power generation plant – not one cent was borrowed to complete this project.

“It was entirely funded through the Company’s reserve cash flow saved over the past few years. So it’s safe to say, the days of verging on bankruptcy are well behind us,” he added.

“Thank you again to Faiz Khan, the Executive Chair and the Board Members of the Fiji Pine Group for your energy, dedication and commitment to turning this Industry around. Keep up the great work, and keep showing us what is possible when effective management, sound planning and worthwhile investment come together to work for the Fijian people.”