Trend Worries Police

A worrying trend has been picked up by Highway traffic officers especially in the Western Division with concerns that it could lead to more accidents and fatalities.

Officers have been alerted of a group sharing information via a messaging platform with hundreds of members notifying each other of the location of traffic officers conducting radar operations.

While we understand individuals have every right to share the information, we are concerned that it could result in drivers having a care free attitude about road safety resulting in more accidents and deaths on our roads.

As traffic coverage increases in red-spot areas which have recorded high number of accidents and road fatalities, Initial statistics show a slight increase in the number of accidents in non-red spot areas.

While this could be linked to many factors, we are concerned that once drivers have been tipped of the officer’s locations, they will immediately disregard the rules of safety once they pass the officers on operation.

Please remember that our operations are being conducted for everyone’s safety.

Speeding remains the leading cause of road accidents and fatalities and we make this plea to drivers not to look at the presence of traffic officers as a hindrance to their travel plans, but a reminder that we care about their safety and the need to get to their destination safely.

Many are looking at the fines imposed, but we are looking at saving one more life from becoming a road fatality statistic.