Police closely monitor children’s safety this school holiday

The Fiji Police Force will be pushing forward manpower this coming week to ensure children are able to enjoy the various events, sporting activities as well as their holidays without major incidents.

Operations in all Divisions have factored in the increased number of events being held in their area of operations with the main focus on the safety of our children.

Safety at home is also paramount and it is imperative that children be left with a responsible adult.

The trend of children reported missing is also common during the school holidays. With the support of parents and guardians we hope this will not be the case over the next two weeks and this is achievable simply by improving communication.

Officers will be conducting patrols at the locations where schools are being billeted and with a number of events taking place, the onus is on teachers and parents accompanying students to be alert and vigilant of their movements.

We are anticipating the increased movement of people into major towns and cities, which is why we are requesting home owners to properly secure their property and ask neighbours to keep a watchful eye over their homes while away.

Criminal elements will try to take advantage of this busy two week period so in order to keep them from committing crimes we will need to work together.