Concern over essential services

Nadi Town.


While people seem to be quite contended with the current infrastructure developments in Nadi Town, we need to be sure about essential services.

This was a concern raised by Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Dr. Ram Raju.

“The town drainage system is still not completely rectified but we are hoping that the council together with the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) will eventually solve these woes,”

“Certain areas in town gets flooded quickly during heavy downpour due to blocked or poor drainage systems,” Dr. Raju said.

He added that electricity; water, roads and sewerage facilities maybe stretched which needs to be seriously addressed.

“Traffic congestion is at its worst and lack of parking facilities in town is another major issue,” Dr. Raju said.

Nadi Town Council Chief Executive Officer, Peter Dinning said the Council is working in conjunction with the FRA and supportive of the work they are undertaking with their major road upgrades and associated infrastructure from Votualevu through to Nadi.

“Plans are also being developed by FRA to upgrade the Main Street footpath in Nadi, which is a project to be carried out under the FRA’s maintenance program with works to commence this month,” he said.

Dr. Raju said they’ve been lucky for the last five years with no major flooding disaster which may be partly due to dredging of the Nadi River.

“We feel dredging should continue on a regular basis until permanent solution is found,” Dr. Raju said.

He added a Japanese International Co-operation (JICA) flood mitigation report or study was now complete and was awaiting strategies for its implementation.

“I hope it can be started soon in stages as a huge amount of work and funding is involved,” Dr. Raju said.

Mr. Dinning however, said he is not aware of any previous or proposed dredging program.